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Main Reason Of Yamabuddha’s Suicide

Jan 21: Minister for Information and Communications Surendra Kumar Karki has shared his plan of

Now Prime Minister Prachanda sweep the streets

The people are suffering from the dust in the kathmandu valley. The dust are out

Yet To Be Discovered – Yama Buddha’s Death -Short Report

Anil Adhikari was a Nepali rapper better known by his stage name Yama Buddha. He

Protest – Donald Trump Inauguration

Donald Trump began the ceremonial events leading up to his swearing-in later on Friday as

Sad news – Couple commite $u!cide

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death.Risk factors include mental disorders such

Kantipur Samachar – 20 Jan 2017

KATHMANDU: The Tarai Madhes Democratic Party on Friday appointed seven central leaders as office-bearers in

Barak Obama’s Historical things

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama’s extraordinary capacity to tap people’s deepest aspirations collided with domestic

Prime Story Magh 6

President Bidya Devi Bhandari attended a special function organised to mark the Chinese New Year

Hubby sets wife on fire after dousing her in kerosene

A man has set his wife on fire after dousing her in kerosene in Banke

Locals are against the road expansion in Hetauda

While expanding the east-west highway in Hetauda, there is a fight between the local people